Among the many different sectors and fields of the society, music industry as an field has been an sweet home for many diverse talents and artists who have found umpteen number of opportunities to showcase their mettle, talent, and skills. With an flurry in demand coming from markets and with an increase in number of new music genres, millions of listeners around the world have set huge expectations from music artists and professionals. Singers, composers, song writers, producers and many more have been an integral part of the wide music industry bringing many tracks and hits which have been entertaining massive audiences. We met one such passionate and ace music artist and singer spiraling his way to the top in the music space with his innate singing and composing skills, Mohammad Zeinali.

Mohammad Zeinali’s road to success in the music industry wasn’t a cake walk. Defying many odds and challenges early in his life, Mohammad Zeinali ensured to keep his enthusiasm and passion for music in his heart for long time to emerge as one of the finest music talents. With huge inclination towards the art and craft of music making and singing since being an kid, Mohammad Zeinali pushed many boundaries and went beyond limits to prove his prowess as an astute music professional. Mohammad Zeinali has already spread his magic in the entrepreneurial and business world and is an engineer in telecommunications electronics. He also pursued his degree in media management from the IRIB University to become an professional media manager. With his roots more grooved towards the music space and with an strong urge and desire to make his talent visible in front of millions of listeners, Mohammad Zeinali embarked on his musical journey and since then there has been no looking back for him.

His latest release “Aroome Aroom” has been an massive hits catapulting him to become one of the most seek and sought-after music artist in the industry. Some of his other songs which have enthralled many are Ekhtera, Bi Gharar, Mavad Yab Hunter, Mokhtareh Irani, Bashgah Esteghlal. With many more exiting tracks and projects in pipeline, Mohammad Zeinali promises to fill the hearts of listeners with core entertainment.

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