Social media has opened doors to many opportunities for young talents. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok are some of the many social media platforms where we see lots of youngsters directing, producing and acting small skids. On such competitive platforms, a young YouTuber, Ankur Raghav, is soaring to new heights with his unique videos on his YouTube channel ‘Naughty World’.

Ankur is an excellent director, producer and actor who knows exactly how to make videos for his YouTube channel ‘Naughty world’.

Naughty world’s videos are the mirror of real life. They reflect the true but unfortunate events of life that are often experienced by many of us. Through Naughty world, Ankur tries to showcase human nature and how selfish motives and other factors can poison a beautiful relationship; as his many videos perfectly captures these complex human emotions and at the end leave a wonderful message.

This young talented star, from a small town, is making a big name in this huge entertainment platform of YouTube and Instagram, Ankur Raghav. He is a creative geek who is known for his outstanding videos on Naughty World. Taking internet by storm with more than 415K subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Naughty world’ and more than 8.5 million followers on Instagram, Ankur Raghav has a huge fan following witnessing his humongous popularity. Ankur has gained this popularity in just a span of an year with his videos and posts.

Known for his love for Bollywood, Ankur is planning to start his own production house in the near future. The young artist wants to invest what he is earning from his YouTube channel to promote young and potential talents and introduce future stars to Bollywood.

To encourage young talent, Ankur, wants to promote young talents from his production house in India. Ankur feels India is the country of massive talent and with easy internet accessibility a lot of skills coming from various applications like TikTok, YouTube, and others. Ankur feels its time to promote such talents who deserve to be seen and known. He feels Bollywood needs fresh talent and faces that will create healthy competition in this entertainment business.

To help talents from small town, Ankur and his team have decided to take their channel ‘Naughty world’ to go to small places where talented minds can join them in their nobel undertaking. To make his dream come true, Ankur is not only talking to entrepreneurs to invest in his dream project but also wants to make a team of ace directors and actors. He is also planning to make a web series with fresh talents.

For Ankur, money is secondary; all he wants is to promote young talent. He is encouraging and motivating people to make career in acting and also asks them to believe in themselves.

Ankur Raghav, is one of the few people who believe in others and wants to help them live their dreams. With his Naughty World Ankur wants to bring a positive change in people’s attitude and to attain this he is leaving no stone unturned.
Here we wish, Ankur, all the best for his future ventures and wish him all the success.


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