His successful stint at making music as a singer has been recognized by listeners and industry insiders alike.

Success found on their own and being recognized for it is in itself a big achievement and needs to appreciated well. As they say, hard work, passion and focus towards your work can never fail you and that’s very evident with the number of successes we have seen in the past and even in the present. These blessed few have dwelled deep into their respective careers and made it shine like no one else. Having delivered the goods at the right time, they have proved their worth and have stood a breed apart from others owing to their distinctive nature of work. Nadeem Mubarak is one amongst them who has proved his mettle by exuding tremendous potential which has taken him high in his career as a singer and musician.

Nadeem has established himself as a credible name today across the music realm as his work has proved his capacity as a singer. One can say going by his popularity that he has finally arrived and all the hard work that he’s put in has got his great results, the kind of adulation his songs have been garnering on various music sharing platforms has got him noticed in a wide capacity which has worked wonders for his career as a singer. When asked about what made him to choose this career in spite of knowing the kind of competition this field has, Nadeem says, “I was always inclined towards music since the time I remember and with time realized that this passion of mine needs to be given a professional twist, and that’s when I took up singing seriously and went ahead to pursue a career out of it.”

He has delivered it right and today stands amongst the most adored young breed of singers who occupy the music realm. Nadeem’s dream is to make it to the top slot, and he says he’s working hard towards achieving that position soon. His latest release has connected well with the audiences, who have openly applauded his work. Titled “Hassi Aa”, the song has been creating the right waves on various music streaming platforms of late and is bound to break a few records with its popularity levels surpassing the threshold levels

Know more about him on Instagram: @nadeemmubarakofficial.


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