There are many techniques to analyze the hidden talents in you. The only thing you need to follow up is to observe yourself and follow up on the path where you can explore yourself, he has made a mark for himself in the music industry. For him, music was just a way to express until he realised that he possesses a gift that is meant to be shared along with the world.

Today, Danjames is a known name in the music industry. However, the journey has been quite challenging for him. His mother is a music teacher but have no background connection in music industry. So to walk on the path and choose a career that is different from everyone was quite a big risk. There are some, who even after they know what they want, couldn’t gain the courage to do it but then there are people like him who take a stand and work hard sometimes having a stand on one leg. This is what our world needs and this is what this young, fresh talent going to present us sooner enough. Dan reveals that he was in depression too when he was struggling to make choice what should be do in career study or music. But he kept going and followed his passion.

He sings many cover songs and everyone loves his song. But now this time his official song “Tam lin 2” is going to be release very soon. Pronit shares his details regarding song.

About his career and the new song, singer Dan said, “It was not an easy decision. First, I thought that this is something which is done by all. There are so many talented individuals out there who are fulfilling their dreams and among all those, I felt I lacked a chance. I was motivated, demotivated, burnt out and sometimes killed by its fire. But through all of it, one thing which never changed was my voice. It was something which I trusted and could trust upon any time, no matter who stays with me or who leaves me alone. I am happy and thankful to the universe who has given me such great talent and when I was in a fight with myself, helped me get through my soulful ignorance and harshness. I made myself something which my thoughts never thought of and see here I make a start with my very first song, “There Was a knock”.

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