During this time, it seems that our connections to the outside world are slowly dying. Gone are the days when we would hang out with friends at concerts and such, enjoying life to the fullest. Since the pandemic started, we have had to learn how to enjoy ourselves from the confines of our homes. That is why it is refreshing to find music that is uplifting and mood-altering in its own, unique way. The music of Lorenzo Ruzza, available on streaming platforms, is getting a reputation for its distinct, and uniquely worldly flavor.

Lorenzo Ruzza finished his schooling before switching completely to his current passion and dreams of composing and performing music for people around the world. “From the start, I knew that fans are the most important thing to an individual artist. Therefore, I toured Asia after college, performing in bars, malls, etc. I even toured the US once I had released many of my cover songs which went viral and became instant hits with my fans,” said Lorenzo Ruzza.

Lorenzo Ruzza began writing songs from a very young age and co-wrote many commercial songs before performing his music professionally in 2014. He grew up in America while also living in other countries, therefore, his passion for music gave him the opportunity to perform in many countries, earning him many fans. He even settled down in Indonesia for a while, earning millions of Indonesian Rupiah from his music since it became a hit there. He also models professionally for advertisements on occasion.

“Without the fans, the life of an artist is pointless. I want to thank all my fans for believing in me. My journey is only just beginning,” said Lorenzo Ruzza. 


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