To dream about making it huge in a particular industry is one thing, but to take necessary actions and put every possible effort to make one’s special place in the industry as a success story is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category may take years for some individuals, and some others may walk their path to success faster, thriving on their immaculate visions, innate skills and passion. The world of music has welcomed many such talented beings, but a few rare gems have gone ahead in stunning people worldwide with their determination and hard work. Standing tall among them is ace musician and producer BricksDaMane.

Who is BricksDaMane, you ask? Let us tell you that this incredible musical talent has proved his excellence as the most in-demand and extraordinary producer in the genre of hip-hop. His working style, ethics, combined with his passion for music and his commitment to creating newer and exciting beats, all have helped him thrive in the vast and ever-so-competitive music industry. His beats are pretty simple yet have connected deeply with all music lovers and listeners, which has even earned him many gold and platinum awards so far in his career.

He confesses that 808 is a crucial piece of his beatmaking process and the very foundation of hip-hop right now. Talking about his journey, BricksDaMane says that he began making beats in middle school but only started taking it seriously when he turned 21 years. Initially, he began interning at studios and then, along the journey, honed his skills every day to bring his beats to artists, with whom today he has several chartbuster songs.

BricksDaMane believes that apart from making beats and music, it is sometimes essential to pay attention to its marketing aspect. Proper marketing can help tracks and music gain the momentum and success it truly deserves, and for that, he advises others to leverage the power of social media.

Some of his hit tracks include Majestic Melody, Abloh, and BricksDaMane, which have done tremendously well across streaming platforms. To know more, follow him on Instagram @bricksdamane.


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