The young musical artist has hit the right chords in people’s hearts and given them soulful tracks.

It is so astonishing to learn and read more about all those people, especially from the younger brigade, who make sure to reach the highest realms of success by working towards their goals committedly and by also believing in themselves as professionals in all that they choose to lay their hands on. This definitely sounds easier than it actually is, but a few rare gems like Mehdi Farzi, have been doing even that and crossing boundaries with their excellent musical skills, persistence, and resilience in the world of music. Mehdi Farzi is one among the very few who, at a very young age, has created a massive name, recognition, and momentum for himself, thanks to his unique songs.

Mehdi Farzi says that if it weren’t for the perseverance, hard work, and commitment he showed at a very young age while honing his skills in music, growing up in Tehran, Iran, he wouldn’t have reached thus far. He highlights that since he was a child, he had noticed a close inclination towards music, something that later made him realize how passionately he felt for the art.

In 2018, he came up with the song Golden Memories. In 2019, he dropped the track Respect, and in 2020, he came up with Midnight, followed by his latest single, Jazz Night, available on Spotify, all of which have become great hits. follow him on

(@mehdifrzii) always wanted his songs to easily connect with his audiences and listeners and make them feel one with his music, and he has successfully done that.


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