The last decade or so has seen an flurry in the emergence of new young budding artists all around the world. The young brigade has left no stone unturned in making most of their opportunities and showcase their talent in front of the world. Age has mere being an number for these talented individuals who push every limit and go beyond boundaries to pursue their dreams. The world has seen many great examples of individuals across diverse sectors and fields who have set an great example despite their age factor and have set humongous benchmarks for many other millions to follow. We came across one such young budding talented music artists scaling great heights of success at an tender age, showing immense growth and potential to become an rising superstar of the future music realm, Rigprints.

Rigprints is an young passionate singer and music composer who has spread his magic in the music industry catapulting him to become one of the most seek and sought-after music artists around the world. Hi innate talent, skills, and expertise have impressed one and all, even gathering accolades from many industry peers as well. With deep inclination towards the art and craft of music making since childhood, Rigprints embarked upon this journey as well to follow his passion, drive and inner calling. Finding peace and solace in singing and music composing, Rigprints put in the hard work by practicing music for long hours to develop his musical skills and expertise.  

Working day and night, Rigprints has been able to release many of his hits tracks which includes- Are you broken, I like moonless nights, J me noi ref, Hollow me, I don’t really know, Introspection, and Juice. All of these mesmerizing tracks have provided sheer entertainment and joy to millions of audiences across the globe. Many of Rigprints fans and followers are now eagerly waiting for his next release. 

Rigprints is certainly a special talent to look forward in future. With many exciting songs in due to be realised soon, Rigprints is all set and excited to strike the right chord in the hearts of the audiences. Do listen to his songs on Spotify @ 


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