From nothing to creating a name in the music industry is not easy. It needs years of grinding and passion for reaching the desired destination. Many come with dreams to make it big in the music world but fail to get what they dream of due to a lack of effort and passion. But we know one artist, a rapper who is constantly making his name count on Spotify with his back-to-back hits. Not only on Spotify, but he is also making his name on various music platforms, and his tunes are touching the top charts of 2K22.

We are talking about one of the rising stars who hails from Northwest London RAZOR. This young artist is already into his 10th year, and with a decade of experience and work, he is taking his career to top names and is almost there on the list of the top rappers around in 2022.

Until now, Razor has given many hits starting from Get it in, Ride for me, and Once a woman twice a child. His bittersweet got lots of fame in 2021. He is constantly improving and becoming a PRO music artist who knows how to entertain people with original groovy music. All his EPs are the best example for the new artists who want to grow in the music industry. Razor tries new tunes and styles whenever he is up with his new song. This extra effort and X factor take him to the list of top artists in 2022.

Razor has worked with many top artists around the UK Music industry. Due to his fantastic talent, many rate him as one of the best livewires for parties and concerts. Razor is planning for a few solos this year for his fans. Indeed he is a talent to watch for in the 2022 UK Music industry.

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