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Rick Flxx is not only a singer, but also a good blogger, social media influencer, and a great YouTuber

Rick Flxx
Rick Flxx

Rick Flxx is not only a singer, but a well-known blogger, social media personality, and a YouTuber in which he motivates his admirers at the top level. 

His videos are interesting, his blogs with informative content, and his social media posting also with good content and image; it all makes him an ideal personality. He works as a multi-purpose and all-rounder artist. He can handle various works at the same time. He always remains in active mode. 

As a blogger, he put informative, interesting, and meaningful content in all his blogs. He has good writing skills with great thoughtful ideas. He studies and gains information when he writes articles and blogs. His practical and high-quality blogs are motivating and provide facts to the person who reads them. Rick Flxx has communicated very well to the reader because readers understand his blogs clearly. He has a creative mind that writes any blog ideally. 

As a social media influencer, he is a well-known social media personality that is motivating in nature. He posts great content and posts images with meaningful and good fascinating content on the social media platform. He has reactive conduct with everyone that displays he has positive behavior toward his fans. Through videos, images, tweets, he influences his fans so well. The audience and fans always find top meaningful content in all his pics, videos, and tweets.

As a YouTuber, he is a great YouTuber also. He uploads videos with interesting meanings and facts on YouTube. He has special skills to make videos on great content. He is creative from his mind and always performs a great job while making videos. His videos are interested, knowledgeable, meaningful, contentful, and sensible by this ability, He is rising day-by-day with too much popularity. He uploads videos on strong content and also he has an active social medial presence. He does the correct presentation of videos. 

He is a multi-talented and all-rounder personality who appropriately handles all his works. He does a great job in his career that makes him popular every day. He is a balanced, knowledgeable, good communicator artist as well. With time, he will become more famous at the high level by his hard work.

 IG: @kevinvonjames        Spotify @kevinvonjames

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa emerging as the rising star of Bollywod in Girish Malik’s next

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa
Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa

Arjun Pratap Bajwa is an Indian supermodel. He is an avid and a very bold personality. Born in a political and agricultural background, his journey is quite interesting. He completed his schooling from the Lawrence School, Sanawar (HP). He tells us that he was a chubby kid in school and now is a fitness promoter. He has also trained himself in gymnastics and MMA. Arjun is also a professional golfer and a horse rider. He is also an animal lover and loves to travel. Despite coming from an influential background, he did everything on his own.

But that does not mean, he has steered clear of politics. He is actively involved in it, represents the Congress party and is currently, the youngest member of the district council of Punjab.

Arjun always dreamt of working as a model but it was when he moved to Bombay that he started getting offers for television shows and then, he decided to give acting a shot. But more than the small screen, he was interested to debut on the silver screen.

He tells us that he is really grateful that he has finally bagged a great opportunity to act in a Bollywood film and wouldn’t let the audience down. He worked as an assistant director to Prabhudeva in his film, Singh is Bling. He loves the craft of cinema and now he is stepping into Bollywood as the lead in Band of Maharajas, directed by Oscar nominated director Girish Malik which is releasing in 2020.

On asking him how he bagged this role? He said, “I went through various auditions. It wasn’t that easy, you have to be really focused and persistent.”

Arjun has also walked the ramp for eminent designers like Varun Bahl and Rohit Bal and also featured in men’s health magazine cover in 2013.

Massimo Anthony Didomenico: An astute music professional and producer taking giant strides in the music space

Massimo Anthony Didomenico
Massimo Anthony Didomenico

Striking the right chord in the hearts of millions of audiences with his colossal hits is Massimo Anthony Didomenico. 

The current golden era of generation has witnessed massive number of young, spirited and passionate individuals and professionals who push every boundary and go beyond every limit to showcase their mettle and talent in front of millions of people. These driven professionals have wide spread their magic across diverse sections of the society, be it be the Business world, Media & Entertainment, IT sector, Retail, Healthcare etc, and have ensured that they reach every pinnacle scaling great heights of success and recognition for themselves. Music and entertainment industry too as an niche has grown by leaps and bounds attracting many thousands of budding talented music artist, singers, composers, and producers. We met one such ace music professional proving his prowess as an passionate and established music producer and setting high benchmarks for many other aspiring producers to follow, Massimo Anthony Didomenico. 

Massimo Anthony Didomenico is an young budding talented and passionate music producer exuding sheer brilliance, tenacity and resilience. His emergence within the music space and realm has been enormous which has been one special tale to tell and share with many others. Understanding the humongous growth and potential that lies within the music industry, Massimo wanted to make his stand strong and grab many opportunities to emerge as an ace music producer. He hustled hard to overcome many struggles and challenges early in his life and learnt every aspect of the music industry and production. In coming time, after developing and mastering the art and craft of music production, Massimo produced back-to-back massive hits which have enthralled millions of listeners from the world. Some of his notable songs which have topped the chart for weeks includes the names of Eyes, Crash, Beaches, Crack, and Black. 

Massimo’s journey and story has been one prime example for many others to take inspiration from. He continues to motivate many young aspiring producers and music professionals. We are certain of the fact that he will continue to rise more higher entertaining many more in coming years. For more information, follow him on Instagram @massimo_didomenico.

Nazish on how his passion for music changed his life for good


“Music has the power to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” says Nazish.

Nazish says that music has pumped wondrous colours into his so-called boring life where he didn’t really know where to go, and which career to choose going ahead in life. He truly believes that music can be a life changing affair and act as a savior for many who follow it with passion. He recalls how dwelling deep into the music realm has helped him cope up with challenges and hurdles which he thought he would never be able to cross. “Music has drastically changed my life and helped me come out of my comfort zone and speed ahead at a fast pace to achieve what seemed to be impossible.” Nazish has been inspired by many artists who have made their mark in the big, competitive world of music, and he says that he wants to go a step ahead and achieve much more than what they have achieved.

It’s your passion and undying love towards the craft that can take you to your destination, claims the music artist who’s been working hard, practicing for hours to get that distinct edge which would make him shine bright amongst the pool of talent that are ready to make their entry into the world of music. According to him, one needs a constant source of motivation to get there, and you need to closely follow the success stories of those who have already managed to conquer a secure place, right at the top. When asked about his experience as a music artist / singer, he says, ‘the response for my work has been overwhelming, with many people including some renowned personalities who have deep knowledge of music appreciating my singing capabilities. It has been a huge morale booster for someone like me who has just stepped into the music realm and is compared to seasoned singers from the music industry. My confidence levels are at their optimum levels, and now I want to go a step ahead in proving my worth by giving my best.”

There’s more to come from this amazing music artist in the coming times. Stay tuned for more on him shortly.

Singer Desirenft Setting the Street on Fire With His Amazing Music


Simply few craftsmen have the right ability to sing. Others are by and large ward upon auto tune and electronic music however Desirenfts regular vocal capacities are sufficient to make any tune hit. Just barely a couple of craftsmen have the abilities to sing any tunes with next to no filtration. It is a universe of full fake impacts to appear and accomplish that kind of flawlessness; notwithstanding, Desirenft is the one to sing with no artificialness.

People are loving by his tunes since he sings so that is totally brilliant and fair who wins a considerable lot of the hearts of individuals. He is an exceptionally lively and excited artist who is constantly intrigued to chip away at various stages and with various craftsmen too. The most glorious piece of this craftsman is that he sings in various vocal reach and gives amazing energies to fans through his melodies. He was making himself one of the most adaptable craftsmen in the music business.

A tune like the Mercury Robo tracks that has been sung by Desirenft, he has depicted each and every tune fabulously. He centers around all his fans doesn’t give you a jingle-click feels and consistently speaks with them pleasantly. He is with a hopeful mentality and a sweet-natured character with boundless abilities.

His charming tunes win a significant number of hearts with near no questions. He has brilliant vocal belting techniques. Desirenft is the enchanting vocalist who had an impact with his altogether first Tune Mercury Robo which denoted a name on hit tune records on various melodic areas.

With singing capacities, he is an uncommon blogger, web-based media character, and YouTuber too who motivates his fans and aficionado reliably. His capacity of handles an unnecessary number of works at the same time is laudable. He is the prominent developing craftsman of this age who fabulously sings songs.

He impacts a wide range of people and left model articulations in them. His magnificent singing energies attract anybody so significantly. He puts miseries and sentiments in every song so profoundly that anyone can partner and focus on his tunes. Having staggering data in music marks him not as old as.

Follow Daniel on Instagram @desirenft

Spotify of Daniel @desirenft

Dermatologist Amir Feily The magical Singer creating wonders

Amir Feily
Amir Feily

Mumbai: Success come to those who dare to dream big and work every single day of their life to turn their dreams into reality. Though some people stop after securing a financially sound profession and a status in the society, some ambitious souls like Doctor Amir Feily never settle for less and want to rule over the world.

Doctor Amir Feily, a prominent name in medical field, is now raring to make it huge as a singing talent after establishing himself as a doctor. He challenged himself as a successful dermatologist and kept learning something new each passing day, only with the genuine aim to turn his childhood passion into reality and become the best in music industry.

Enjoying over 621 thousand fan following on Instagram, Dr Feily, also work as a social media influencer and believes to help people along his journey to become a successful singer. He says that the creative and artistic fields are perhaps the only niches where individuals can be themselves, showcase to the world what they truly possess as artists and gain tremendous success for what they love doing. The young rising star, through social media platform, encourages people to create a flourishing career for themselves by following their passion, just like him.

He confesses how at a very young age he was drawn towards the music world and began mastering the art of singing. Dr Feily’s knack for music earned him much fame, and now he is an established name in the world of  Iranian music.

Dr Feily can’t wait to come up with more of his singles, work more as a doctor, travel around the world and give some more time to himself to be the best version of himself.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @dr.feily.

Francis Volpe Looks Determined to Dominate the Music Scene in 2021 and Beyond

Francis Volpe
Francis Volpe

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning. Be strong as you fight your way to success, the difficulty you face is nothing compared to the joy of success.

Francis Volpe is an independent artist representing the Pensacola, Florida. Francis Volpe began writing raps to the instrumentals on the CDs. He knew he had skills but was hesitant to display them because he felt they were too different and people wouldn’t understand or accept his style of rapping. He has since grown out of that mentality and is comfortable in his own skin.

The rapper’s new single is multidimensional in nature and displays his promising future in the rap game, with a melodic flow and unique vibe that sets him apart from artists alike.

In 2020 Francis Volpe released his first debut single in 2020, TPIN which picked up lots of feedback from YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram after gathering a total of 300k+ views in such little time.

Francis Volpe releases his new offering Trust, which makes its arrival with an accompanying visual directed by Nimi Hendrix. Francis Volpe presents a cinematic visual that brings to life the infectious melodic track complemented by smooth Spanish guitars and bass-knocking beats.

Francis Volpe likes to freestyle his music for greater content and more feeling-full music.

Taking the music realm by storm is a talented true-blue music artist and singer, Mohammad Zeinali

Mohammad Zeinali
Mohammad Zeinali

Among the many different sectors and fields of the society, music industry as an field has been an sweet home for many diverse talents and artists who have found umpteen number of opportunities to showcase their mettle, talent, and skills. With an flurry in demand coming from markets and with an increase in number of new music genres, millions of listeners around the world have set huge expectations from music artists and professionals. Singers, composers, song writers, producers and many more have been an integral part of the wide music industry bringing many tracks and hits which have been entertaining massive audiences. We met one such passionate and ace music artist and singer spiraling his way to the top in the music space with his innate singing and composing skills, Mohammad Zeinali.

Mohammad Zeinali’s road to success in the music industry wasn’t a cake walk. Defying many odds and challenges early in his life, Mohammad Zeinali ensured to keep his enthusiasm and passion for music in his heart for long time to emerge as one of the finest music talents. With huge inclination towards the art and craft of music making and singing since being an kid, Mohammad Zeinali pushed many boundaries and went beyond limits to prove his prowess as an astute music professional. Mohammad Zeinali has already spread his magic in the entrepreneurial and business world and is an engineer in telecommunications electronics. He also pursued his degree in media management from the IRIB University to become an professional media manager. With his roots more grooved towards the music space and with an strong urge and desire to make his talent visible in front of millions of listeners, Mohammad Zeinali embarked on his musical journey and since then there has been no looking back for him.

His latest release “Aroome Aroom” has been an massive hits catapulting him to become one of the most seek and sought-after music artist in the industry. Some of his other songs which have enthralled many are Ekhtera, Bi Gharar, Mavad Yab Hunter, Mokhtareh Irani, Bashgah Esteghlal. With many more exiting tracks and projects in pipeline, Mohammad Zeinali promises to fill the hearts of listeners with core entertainment.

For more details, do check out his Spotify account,

You Must Have Passion to Make Great Music per Jen Blanco

Jen Blanco
Jen Blanco

Artists have many things in common, and one of them is passion. Jen Blanco believes that a musician without passion is like a person without a soul. No matter how much an artist might try to conceal a lack of passion, others are going to pick up on it immediately. This is why Jen Blanco staunchly believes that if you do not have at least a spark of passion for your craft, you need to take up another profession.

When a piece of music lacks passion, emotion, or even meaning, people are going to pick up on this. It will sound hollow and probably won’t make a positive impact on listeners.

Unfortunately, many “artists” put out highly commercialized work simply meant to be catchy and sell a lot of albums. The craft takes second place to profits, and Jen Blanco has strong feelings about music for the sake of money.

Like most commercial musicians, Jen Blanco set out with a dream of making a comfortable living from her passion. While the music, and the experiences behind it, always comes first, countless people hope to turn what they love into their livelihood. The difference is whether or not you “sell out” and profits become more important than your passion. This is where Jen Blanco draws the line and sees that emotional void of music without passion.

Some musicians and audiences are completely fine with synthetic commercial work that lacks passion, depth, and emotion. Jen Blanco is not one of these people and refuses to fall into that trap. She feels that no self-respecting artist would ever release something that does not have at least a sliver of passion driving it. After all, we experience a tremendous range of emotions that are the basis for amazing music. There is no need to ever put out a song that doesn’t reflect at least one of these emotions.

Music is passion, and our passions lead to the creation of music. It is a symbiotic relationship. Jen Blanco believes that artists are free to produce whatever they like, but she will not be putting out work that lacks emotion. While others might decide to sell out, this musician refuses to take that route.

Brooke Sevigny lists 4 signs that tell you music is your calling


Though we can all listen to and enjoy music, it is not a calling for everyone. Thanks to technology, the world has seen an increase in the number of ‘musicians’ today who are more concerned with making money and a name for themselves than the music they create. According to Brooke Sevigny, artists who have a calling for music care more about the message they send through their songs.

Brooke Sevigny says, “A true calling is hard to fake. Even though every person experiences slumps, your true calling always rises above the doubt, stress, and burnout. Moreover, genuine musicians always have a message to pass on to the universe, an emotion to express, and hearts to touch.”

Here are four signs that tell you music is your calling, as explained by Brooke Sevigny:

1. Music makes you feel complete.

Most human passions are tied to fulfillment. To say you’ve found your passion, it needs to be something that makes you feel complete and at peace. “If music does this for you, then it’s your calling,” says Brooke Sevigny. She also highlights the importance of feeling complete when listening to and playing music. Passion surpasses everything and helps one overcome the mountains of challenges they might face along their journey.

2. You are good at it.

Granted, you can always practice or take classes to improve your musical skills, but Brooke Sevigny says that it has to start somewhere. “Being good at playing an instrument or singing naturally can be a telling sign of your calling,” notes Brooke. Even as the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate continues, Brookebelieves that you can nurture your talent without discounting the influence of family and environment. “Being around music from a young age doesn’t mean you become a musician, but that may be a pretty good sign if you’re good at it.”

3. You’re very open-minded about music.

Music is an ever-evolving art form, and though you don’t need to conform to every trend, it is essential that you have an open mind. Different genres have different values, paces, and overall feels. “Being a musician means being able to appreciate different musical tastes and exploring them until you find your home base in music,” notes Brooke Sevigny.

4. You often break down the music you’re listening to.

Musicians often have an overwhelming need to break down music and understand every part that makes a song. This is a quest to learn more about the art form that helps you while creating your own music.

There are several ways you can identify your calling lies in music. However, the one caution that Brooke Sevigny gives to all aspiring artists is that being a musician entails accepting both rejection and criticism with the same spirit. And if you can’t do that, maybe music isn’t for you.


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