In the world of bikini and physique competitors, AMER KAMRA is the go-to guy. His signature “look” for both categories has won his athletes more hardware than a Home Depot and is responsible for coaching dozens of athletes to the coveted Pro Status in the bodybuilding world .⁣

Regardless of where he puts his energy, AMER KAMRA has the Midas touch. He is the owner of an online fitness brand Hammer Fitness and is a motivational speaker and owner of a top 100 podcast on iTunes The Mind Builder.⁣
“When the world went into a global lockdown the first time in March 2020 and shows were suddenly cancelled, I saw more than 50% of my business evaporate overnight.” Kamra shares. “I have employees and responsibilities, I couldn’t just sit by and watch 8 years of hard work just go to dust.”⁣
As any smart entrepreneur does he capitalized on a new organic demand. With gyms shutting down, people working from home, and the power of social media and the Ethernet he went back to “work”.⁣
His logic was simple. There will be hundreds of thousands of people around the world needing online guidance to manage their stress, poor eating, and health. Not to mention start losing those dreaded extra pounds that people can’t seem to shed on their own. Not everyone will have the budget for expensive home delivery cardio equipment or daily personal training but they will for personally tailored coaching that delivers RESULTS.⁣
He pivoted and created three distinct fitness brands all stemming from his award-winning competition prep online fitness company, Hammer Fitness.⁣
Consulting with his top employees, Rima Kamra, Lexie Ward, and Jase Stevens, the four power houses accomplished the successful and fiercely popular tertiary brands Lady theFUp and MantheFUp all under KAMRAS unique guidance.⁣
Amer Kamra
Each separate corporation is specialized to a different demographic so as to avoid any overlap. While other traditional gyms were having to close their doors permanently, Kamra and his team saw enormous growth throughout the 2020 pandemic. ⁣
“We managed to explode all three brands and grow in several untapped markets under Hammer Fitness. Maybe competitions will come back, maybe not. I see the future more inline with everyday people wanting extraordinary results. And that’s what we deliver.”⁣
This is no surprise coming from a guy (with zero help from a coach) who turned pro at age 22 as the youngest fitness model in the world. ⁣
AMER has been on over a dozen magazine covers including Physique Magazine, The Barbell Box and Limitless Magazine.


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